A Spimajin is quite simply the perfect organism to ever live, and was artificially created.

Appearance Edit

Their default appearance is a large, often somewhat spherical mass of a goo-like substance, which is able to be molded however it wants. They are actually giant amoebas. Their sizes vary, as well as their colors. Note that if they wish, they can have a mouth and eyes while in this form, akin to a minecraft slime.

Secondary Appearance Edit

They can change this to however they wish, from being a human, to even being a dragon. However, most often they mold themselves into a humanoid form, with only 2 different colors in their color scheme: a lighter color for their skin, and a neon color for their hair and/or 'clothing'. They are genderless, but identify as female.

Abilities Edit

They can regenerate instantly as soon as they are damaged, and can split into several clones of themselves should they wish, and all go back to being one organism. They are capable of molding themselves into whatever shape they wish, simply by stretching out a part of their body.

If they wish, they can stay in whatever form they mold themselves into as long as they wish, or just constantly change form. They are capable of compressing their mass to make themselves incredibly strong, or doing the exact opposite and making themselves into an ocean of liquid. In fact, they are capable of doing this to such an extreme level that they can make themselves become black holes through how compressed they are, though it's totally suicidal for them to do this, so not one on record has done this.

If a particularly large one decides to compress itself into a humanoid, human size form, they will be essentially indestructible and have strength insanely out of proportion for their size. They are capable of becoming elastic as well, stretching themselves beyond what you'd think. They can absorb most kinds of mass and convert it into the same kind of mass they themselves are made of, and gain more mass.

This includes being able to absorb water and convert into more body mass. It even can apply to air, so a spimajin can gain mass at an unbelievable rate.

Behavior Edit

It depends on the individual. They are as intelligent as human beings and can think for themselves. They often go about their lives as if they were humans, except for the fact they have godlike power.

Trivia Edit

  • Based off of Kirby, and Xenophyophores.
  • Also based off Princess Bubblegum from adventure time, in that they can mold themselves and stretch themselves. Princess Bubblegum is a good example for what a typical Spimajin would prefer to look like.
  • It should be noted each one has different color schemes, however, all of them are at least somewhat transparent. They can change their transparency at will however.