A NotaPerson is a being from another dimension, which is the only thing that can potentially rival even the godlike Spimajin. They are always female.

Appearance Edit

They very drastically, but they follow these rules always:

  1. They are always perfectly symmetrical, down to the very last pixel of their being.
  2. They can manipulate their forms in a great number of ways, from turning neon to transparent to reflective and so on. They can apply a sort of mirror effect to their bodies, making them look rather strange if they wish to. They can take a 2d form, which follows whoever is looking at it in order to maintain it's 2d nature. Similar to Baldi from Baldi's basics. Basically, any kind of photoshop tool like fisheye they can do to their bodies, but symmetrical.
  3. Primarily, they have a perfect hourglass figure and are very curvy, with jagged spikes coming out of the sides of their bodies seemingly at random. Mostly at the shoulders, top of their head, hips, elbows. They have perfectly curved breasts and butts that are not too big, not too small.