Gammarus Qe is a rare lycanthrope.

Appearance Edit

They appear very similar to the average human except:

  1. They have a lobster/shrimp tail.
  2. They are also curvy (if female), and can never be overweight. If male, they are muscular, and bulky.
  3. Their vagina (if female) is mostly the same, but there are no hairs.
  4. They also have a pair lobster/shrimp antenna on their heads, which is the same as their hair color.

Appearance After Transformation Edit

They appear same as before, except:

  1. Their lower body, starting at the top of the pelvis, is one large lobster/shrimp tail, with lobster/shrimp legs.
  2. Their hands turn into long, slender shrimp claws.
  3. They grow a pair of mandibles, similar to an ants.

Abilities Edit

They can swim, and breathe underwater. Their vision is also not affected by water at all, and they can see through water exceptionally well, better than a human's vision while on land. Also, they can change at will to what is stated in "Appearance After Transformation", and back.

They can also transform into shrimps, common crayfish, and common lobsters, but keep their mind.

They can walk on land.

Behavior Edit

They act mostly like normal humans, but highly prefer to stay in the water. Most of them are satisfied with just acting like regular shrimps, because it makes them feel free.

Trivia Edit

  • If their attenae brush against a human, the human becomes a shrimp but keeps their mind, for 1 hour. Once the 1 hour mark is reached, they become a Gammarus Qe forever.