Fae are a tricky species, with great power. They only come in female, and are thought to be distantly related to Xesperwings. They are the worst enemies of Cockatrices and Succubi.

Appearance Edit

They appear very similar to the average female human except:

  1. They are slender, curvy, and slightly smaller than normal.
  2. They have a pair of butterfly or moth wings on their backs.
  3. They have a pair of butterfly or moth antennae on their heads.
  4. They leave sparkles wherever they go, which comes from their wings, unless they have moth wings and moth antennae, then they leave cobwebs.

Abilities Edit

They can fly, leave sparkles wherever they go, and equip wands.

When they equip a wand, they can curse a human to become any type of Lycanthrope the fae chooses, or even an animal. This trait is called Conversion, making them able to transform intelligent, powerful people into dimwitted, weak creatures at will. They are the queens of all Lycanthropes, except Cockatrices and Unonoctix Sapiens. However, if the curse backfires, it will turn the fae instead into the type of creature the fae was trying to make the human into.

They can transform into butterflies or moths at will.